News Coverage: 2007
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Nov. 9, 2007
Core Values Brew Success:
How CEO got Dunkin' Donuts' percolating
Syracuse Post-Standard

Oct. 25, 2007
Xerox, Dunkin' Donuts CEOs to speak at series  
Syracuse Post-Standard

May 11, 2007
Former CEO Helped Harley-Davidson Get Turned Around                                           
CNY Business Journal

May 5, 2007
It's How Harley Turned Around its Business, Ex-CEO Says      
Post Standard

Mar. 16, 2007
Michael Treacy preaches good growth practices
CNY Business Journal
Jan. 18, 2007
"Vindicated' - Former HP CEO Says Company's Success
Has Proven That Her Decisions Were Wise
Post Standard

Jan. 26, 2007
Fiorina Talks Change, Reflects on Time at Hewlett-Packard      
CNY Business Journal