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Doug Hall


Doug Hall joined us May 20, 2009.
Doug Hall is the founder and CEO of the Eureka! Ranch International, a Cincinnati, OH based inventing, training and research firm that advises some of the world's top corporations such as Nike, Walt Disney and American Express.  You may not know Doug as his work for corporate giants is highly secretive, but you surely know many of his inventions.  Research indicates that the average American home contains 18 products or services Doug and his team have had a hand in developing.  And that's only a small portion of his creative focus.  The majority of Eureka! Ranch clients are industrial, B-2-B or service-focused.
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After earning a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maine, Doug spent 10 years working at Procter & Gamble where he rose to the rank of master marketing inventor and shipped a record nine new business initiatives in 12 months.  In 1990, he retired from corporate life and founded what is today known as "America's #1 Idea Company" (Inc. Magazine), the Eureka! Ranch.
Doug is the leading pioneer in using Six-Sigma and Total Quality Management techniques to transform the art of innovation into a reliable science.  His research includes hard data on 6,000+ innovation teams and 10,000+ quantitatively tested business concepts. 
Doug is a best-selling author of four books including Jump Start Your Business Brain and Jump Start Your Marketing Brain. Known for his plain talk, energetic style and bold approach, Doug has a passion for transforming the art of marketing and innovation into a reproducible science.

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