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Michael Treacy


Michael Treacy joined us March 7, 2007.  
He brings more than 25 years of experience helping companies achieve market leadership.  His ideas about customer value propositions and growth disciplines have been used by companies across the globe to reshape strategies, bolster competitive positions and dramatically improve top and bottom line performances.
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Treacy's views have been shaped by his rich experiences as an academic at M.I.T., as an advisor to some of the most successful firms of the past decade and as an entrepreneur who has established and led many successful firms.  In his career he’s encountered and surmounted almost every obstacle to achieving exceptional company performance and building extraordinary firms. 

He is currently the co-founder and chief strategist of GEN3 Partners, a firm based in Boston and St. Petersburg, Russia.  GEN3 is dedicated to creating science-based product innovations for a wide range of clients and was the inventive force behind Proctor and Gamble's Crest Whitestrips®.  GEN3 also funds and launches new ventures based on the advanced products they develop.  The firm brings to market, in a very powerful way, Treacy’s most recent ideas about product innovation and growth.  It has averaged growth of more than 100% per year since its founding and now has several hundred employees, 70% of whom have a Ph.D. in a scientific discipline.

Prior to GEN3, Treacy founded and led several other companies, including a strategic consulting firm that served leading corporations in telecommunications, industrial products, financial services, healthcare and consumer goods.  He has served as a board member for several leveraged buyouts and new ventures. 

Treacy's most recent book titled, "Double Digit Growth: How Companies Achieve It No Matter What," has been a Business Week bestseller. It draws from his business experiences to present a common sense approach for achieving superior, profitable growth.  His earlier co-authored book, "The Discipline of Market Leaders," has been a New York Times bestseller; outlines the principles of leadership in a competitive marketplace - focused on an unmatched customer value proposition delivered through a unique operating model design.  Many companies large and small have adopted these principles to drive their own business strategies and build competitive advantage. 

Treacy is currently engaged in a major research study to understand the performance discipline that allows certain companies to routinely achieve high performance – in growth, cost control, safety, or other important goals - while other firms struggle with uncertain results. 
Formerly a Professor of Management at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Treacy received his Ph.D. from MIT and his engineering degree from the University of Toronto. He is resides in Needham, Massachusetts with his wife and three children.

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